Just looked back over this project and it will be 4 years since I started! Probably the record for the longest project of any size/kind. Oh well I'm still focussed on getting the job done even though it has taken so long...

Since the last entry I have covered the corner traps with black cloth. This is actually the remainder of the weed membrane roll for the garden decking. Strange but it seems to have the required properties to fulfill this job, open to air and strong. I have plenty of this so it will meet any further requirements - trapping, clouds etc.

In the meantime I had to complete my latest Open University course (Understanding the Arts Y180) between June - October 2012 so you can be assured that I haven't been doing nothing!!  I received my result in November and :-) success!! Back onto studio building. I think it's true to say the only remaining major construction job on this project is the doors, which I intended to leave right to the end. I then realised that I would be better off getting this job done sooner rather than later as it seems to be a milestone I just don't seem to be getting any closer to. After these are done I think you job will be plain sailing.

Anyway, just before Christmas I had 3 sheets of 18mm MDF and 8 heavy duty ball bearing hinges delivered and ordered the compression latches for delivery in the new year. I had pretty well designed the doors already and I just needed to check the dimensions and that the design would work - in theory. Basically the door is constructed of 4 laminations of MDF with a layer of drywall to finish inside the airlock. I had already accounted for sealing of the door against the jams using some silicone 'P' section. I had a ready supply of this at work as we had a job lot that was never used for a project. Handy, so I just figured this into my design. A bit of an unknown but I'm pretty confident this will do a grand job...though we'll see once complete. I'm constructing the inner door only at the moment as it will give me a good reference for the outer door and I can iron out any issues doing one at a time.  Up until today I have laminated (glued) the 3 larger layers together and have routed out the hinge recesses.


>> Silicone P-section (Door Seal) <<

>> Door laminated together (3 layers of MDF) <<

>> Door Mock-up with seals in place (not fixed) <<