Over the weekend I continue with the door. Because MDF is not stable to screw into its edge where the hinges are to be attached, I had to create some sort of insert for the screws to penetrate into (heavy door so fixings must be up to the job.)  I did consider making some steel plates but in the end I found some scrap plywood which seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.  I also decided to make this double thickness to allow a good 30mm of screw into the plywood.  It took some time to machine out the slots with the router as to achieve a good 35mm depth the router bit was right on its limit in the mandrel. I then finish the job with a chisel to square off the corners.  The plywood inserts were then glued and pushed into position. They were left slightly proud of the surface so I set the router on some blocks and removed the excess nearly flush then finished with the sander.

Only other thing I was able to do over the weekend was to give all of the door surfaces a coat of water + PVA mixed to seal. This was done and left to dry overnight.

Ive just chased the supplier of the compression latch and it won't be for another week so the door should be pretty well ready to be attached by the time they arrive.

So far the 3-ply door laminate is only glued together and although I don't think this will part I intend to add some screws as further security. I bought the 50mm long screws for this purpose. These will be concealed under the 4th MDF layer which has the p-section seal attached.


>> Photo, Door Mock-up with seals in place (not fixed) <<

>> Photo, Plywood hinge block glued in situ <<