Wow...where has the time gone?
Again, not much action here for a long while though there has been a little progress made.
As mentioned earlier the extension and re-landscaping of the garden has taken over things for the moment. However, I have now pretty well finished the garden now apart from some minor jobs, so I am now officially back into studio build mode.

Over the weekend 7/8th July I finished work on the corner treatment filling, at least for the ones currently included - this may be added to later. One job I had to complete before this was to change the entry point for the two tubes for the fan inlets. These were too high and were coming in at an awkward position in the rear ceiling/wall trap. I made a couple of offset bends to lower them down to a more desirable position through the rear corner bass trap only. Once done the rest was pretty straight forward - I simply had to refill that space with (MW) mineral wool and cut the triangles for the front bass traps. Quite satisfying when you simply have to cut a number of equal size and shape pieces of MW. This was a fairly quick process.

A couple of photos to show the current status.
Photo - Front traps:

Photo - Rear Ceiling/Wall traps:

That's about it for now though things are finally starting to take shape, more soon...