Here I am again with a brief blog entry to let you know that I'm still alive!

I've been very busy with other household jobs and, of course that other distraction, work. I still have many small jobs to do in the studio. Amongst other things, room treatments and other minor things - I still have a few slabs of mineral wool ready to make the wall panels.

However, it has been great to be able to use the studio over the last few weeks be it only for very small amount. I will have a longish break over Christmas so it will be perhaps a good opportunity to do some serious recording and perhaps reflect on things.

Although this was primarily a studio build project, it has also been a part of the overall house improvement process including the extension, re-landscaping the garden as well as other smaller improvements towards a common goal. It has meant that the studio is now housed in its own space and does not encroach on our living space.

Since moving the equipment into the studio I had to make a decision with regards my old Roland electric piano which has been laying dormant in the workshop gathering dust for the past few years. Although it is now quite out-of-date compared with the latest pianos, it does have some value and it always had quite a nice sound. Firstly, the question was: does it still actually work? I wiped the worst of the dust away and lifted it onto the workbench, plugged it in and surprisingly it worked perfectly. I then spent a few hours cleaning thoroughly - including the stand and I have to say it came really well. There are only a few minor scratches picked over the years when I used it for gigging. It now has pride of place at the end of the dining room and gets used fairly regularly.

Back to the studio. I have one issue to resolve with the external door. When I attached the door itself I didn't quite get it vertically centrally within the frame and the lower edge was a bit near the door frame than I had intended. Over time there's been a slight drop which has resulted in the door rubbing very slightly on the frame. To resolve this I'll be taking some material off of the lower door frame edge. Another thing I need to do is attach a drip ledge at the bottom of the door to stop any rain from collecting under the door.