Another year passes...

Not too much to write here. I had a decent break over the Christmas period and probably the major achievement was to record a short version of Rockin' around the Christmas Tree in the studio. I enlisted the help of my daughter to sing lead vocal on this track and it seems to be becoming a bit of a Christmas tradition for our family. Just in case you're interested:

In terms of studio building I did get a minor job done. Well, when I say minor, I took the best part of a day actually as it involved lifting the carpet and floorboards in my daughter's bedroom. Having previously run CAT6 cabling around the house I hadn't actually got the studio completely hooked up. However, I had cables coiled up under the floor in the bedroom ready to complete the run to the network switch located in the loft. This was reasonably straight forward and involved lifting up a couple of floorboards and drilling a hole in a floor joist to route the cables into the airing cupboard in that room. Then a large hole was drilled through the ceiling into the loft. These were then punched down into the patch bay. All that is left to do is join the ends of the cables above the kitchen loft downstairs - I have ordered some in-line punch down couplers for this so should be complete at the weekend. Hopefully there are no breaks in cables or badly punched down wires.

I had so far used some mains (homeplug) devices to gain a LAN/WAN connection in the studio but they are not proving to be very reliable through 2 consumer units.