I took delivery of 3 sheets of MDF and a couple of sheets of plasterboard on Tuesday to make a start on the second door (outer).  I had a lot of work to do around the garden this weekend so I set myself a meagre studio build target of getting the main 3 layers of the door cut to size ready for laminating. As before, I used 2 complete sheets for the outer surfaces and the off-cuts for the inner layer which makes maximum use of material and leaves me with another complete sheet for the sealing panel (see inner door.) 

In fact, before making a start on the MDF panels for the second door I cut the plasterboard insert (final layer) for the inner door. This was pretty straight forward though I had to be extremely careful as the plasterboard is quite easily damaged especially at the edges. I wanted make a clean job of it because I don't intend to fill or paint it. It was basically a rectangle with a small cut-out around the latch. 

OK, another job done and I might even try and get the panels sanded and prepared ready for laminating them at the weekend. 


Plasterboard insert (inner door)