Just a brief entry today. I was hoping to get the MDF for the outer door delivered for this weekend (long bank holiday) but unfortunately I left it too late when calling Travis Perkins as all of their delivery slots were taken up before the weekend and the earliest would be on Tuesday :-(  Probably not a bad thing as there are plenty of other jobs to do as well as planning the door construction.

So the job for today: cover the ceiling cloud with the garden fabric. Wasn't sure how easy this would be but it actually worked out quite well. I needed a piece 275 x 200 cm to cover the entire area so I cut the 275cm length from the 200cm wide roll. I attached one side roughly in position using duct tape and then started stapling the other side using the staple gun. Once I had a few staples in place I removed the tape from the other side and replaced with staples. It was then just a matter of tensioning the fabric and stapling into the cloud framework.

All-in-all a pretty successful job and nice to actually cover the mineral wool to stop any fibres from falling. All that's needed for the room treatments now is to attach some strips to the framework to conceal the staples. For a later date.