A few things happening this weekend so limited time available - Wimbledon final on Sunday and watched Murray finally get his deserved Wimbledon - title great work Andy! It was also a scorching couple of days so BBQ and picnic with the family :-)

Anyway, I did also get some build time in and I particularly wanted get the last MDF panel cut and machined for the outer door. As with the first door, this panel attaches once the door is in on the frame and has the 'P' section silicone seal attached before securing to the main door assembly.  This panel is about 20mm all round under the size of the door itself.

Cutting the panel went ok but the blade on my circular saw is getting pretty blunt especially with the amount of MDF I have had to cut. It is really starting to struggle and over a long distance starts to overheat. I did have to plane the long edge a bit  as it managed to deflect the guide timber a small amount cutting a mm or so narrower than I planned. Not an issue as we are not talking very tight tolerances. So note: get new circular saw blade.  At least that's the last of the MDF sheets for now.

Next fairly straight forward job was to machine the 2.5mm deep rebate to allow for the attachment of the seal. The router makes easy work of this and once the stops are set it takes a few minutes to complete all four sides.

All that left to do was to align the panel with the main door assembly and drill two blind pilot holes through to allow for two locating pins to be inserted to make lining the seal panel onto the main door easy. This worked perfectly on door one so applied the same trick here.