Not too much done apart from giving the walls another couple of coats of paint.

I started with a proper coat of the white over the mist coat on Saturday. However, on Sunday I had to make a decision regarding the final colour - do I carry on with white or go for something different.  One thing I didn't want to do was pay for paint, so I checked out the selection of old pots available in my garage. I might add that the choice is fairly limited, consisting of a number of off-white shades of yellow. The first pot I opened was a little lumpy so I put that back on the shelf. Next one was fairly mid range and looked pretty good.

So I made a start and though I wasn't sure at first it seemed to work quite well against the black of the fabric covered traps. Don't forget there'll be absorbers on the walls as well so there amount you see will be minimal and toned down with the low light I intend for the room. I got one coat done and it'll need another to cover properly but at least that's a decision made and I can move onto another job.

Not sure what to do next but before I can really crack on with the final stages I need to get the outer door frame made good and get the outer door constructed so that I can make the room secure. I think I'll have to wait until the weather picks up as it seems that winter has set in again in the UK. We are away on holiday for week over Easter so hopefully I'll be raring to go for the final push when I get home.