No I'm not talking about the placement of a bull headed man in the studio but the ultimate position for the studio monitors - though in fact the bull headed man my not be too far off the mark!

Not quite as straight forward as it seems and I think well worth deciding at this stage. I've drawn up a 3D scheme of the room (see image below) showing basically the room footprint with the current treatments in situ with monitors and listener. I've sketched it in such a way that as I move the monitors the listener's head moves back and forth to maintain the equilateral triangle between the monitors and ears. This includes the angle of the monitors which, as you can see, are currently raised up relative to the listener and thus pointing down.

At the moment this is my favoured position as it means that they will not be pointing directly through any objects on the desk - display monitors for example.

Although I have a couple of pairs of monitors at the moment - my old Alesis monitor ones and the Behringer MS40s I plan to upgrade to something like the Adam A7Xs when the studio is complete and those are illustrated in the image: