A short midweek entry to the blog...

After a bit of thought regarding the ceiling treatment (cloud) I decided to make a slight adjustment. Most ceiling clouds are hung and have an air gap above, however, my  framing arrangement doesn't allow for any air gap. Another important consideration is that my room is not only very small but the ceiling is also very low so I don't have a great deal of height to play with. The ceiling, however, is sloped higher towards the back of the room which gives me a bit to play with in that direction.

OK, so the plan was to angle the ceiling treatment frame down thus reducing the angle of the slope giving me an air gap of about 50mm towards the back of the room. This is pretty well the maximum I can drop the cloud because otherwise the door would hit the ceiling cloud. So last night I took down the entire framework and cut some spacer blocks of varying height re-screwed all of the battens into position. I'll just need to do a bit more work this evening to get the job back on track for the weekend.

I've no idea whether this improves the acoustics in the room but I don't think it will be detrimental. I won't really know how good/bad the room performs until I conduct some measurements, which I'll soon be in a position to  do. In fact with this in mind I've just ordered a Behringer ECM8000 measurement microphone in readiness.