I finally made a start on the studio again. I've decided to get the ventilation system finished before anything alse. All I need to do here is make a couple of silencer boxes, one for the air intake and one for the air out. Though in actual fact I've still not decided whether the fan will suck or blow...though this doesn't really make any difference to the room as the fan is located in the garage so all I need do is turn the fan round in its mounting. So I can experiment with this once the air system is finished. I can't remember how much detail I have gone into this but the system is very basic with a fan on one side and an open vent on the other to bring fresh air in or old air out - depending on the fan direction.


As well as supplying airflow into the room itself I need to provide an airflow through the airlock area to provide a ventilation path to the PC which will reside in there. For this I'll simply tap of from the air flow into the top of the silencers through the wall into the doorway (airlock). I'm going to start with the air IN (I'm calling this in at the moment) so I first cut the hole through the 3 layers of plasterboard - I had already put some timber in the position in the stud-work. Dusty work as usual with plasterboard and with a combination of drill/jigsaw this was fairly easy. I had already draw up a basic design for my silencers boxes but I needed to fine tune this taking into account of the measurements and positions of the vent holes. This was my main objective here though I did actually cut the back piece of the box to fit into the alcove up to the ceiling (1000x460mm). Oh well its a start and from this the rest will take shape. It is basically a 18mm MDF box with baffles cut from Mineral wool which is then covered in material to keep the fibres intact. There is a partitioned middle area where the air flows down to the bottom then round the outside and back up and out of the vents into the room (images will probably better describe this) In fact these images are possibly the final layout (roughly anyway) for the silencers. Once these boxes are built and in place they will be covered with Mineral wool which forms part of the rear corner chunk absorbers - hopefully to further silence the ventilation system.