I was at the Cambridge folk festival on Saturday so that ruled out any studio work but I did find a bit of time on Sunday though we (the family) spent a couple of hours on our allotment that we have just taken over. No crops this year but the site had been left hence the weeds were out of control so just getting things prepared for next year.

I have just got the laminate flooring that I had donated but I'm not quite ready to lay it yet as I want to decide on a couple of things. Firstly, how my monitors are going to be mounted - I'm considering bolting the stands into the floor so I will need to allow for this before the flooring goes down. I'm also probably going to rout out a couple more channels for any cabling for the electronic drums.

One job I could make a start on was to tidy up the installation boxes for wiring inside the airlock area. These were pretty much just temporarily secured and needed some backing for the covers to sit flush against. I have a few pieces of about 8mm think plywood that would serve this purpose well and this simply involved cutting a suitable size and cutting holes for the boxes to fit. These were then just screwed to the stud work and the front panels screwed onto the boxes. I managed to get the 3 CAT5 boxes and in addition another plywood piece for the PIR light to sit. I also did a bit of work on the panel for the PIR switching and the fan controller on Monday night. This leaves just the two double sockets and the light switch to be done.