I had to pop into Digital Village, Cambridge first thing on Saturday as my Behringer ECM8000 mic had arrived into stock. I also made the most of the trip to have a listen to the Adam A7Xs monitors which I have been eyeing for a while. It was nice to get a chance to hear them first hand (or ear), even though they are generally very highly regarded. It was also good to compare with the KRKs that I have also been thinking about. Overall they sounded great and the separation was superb.

Next stop - timber yard to get some treated timber for the outer door frame. I found a couple of lengths the right thickness to fill the void either side of the frame up to the brickwork. These were then cut to match the uneven brick opening on the outside. These were then simply screwed into place.

On Sunday I tackled the gap below the door frame. I had 3 bricks but I needed 4 to fill the void. Luckily I chatted to my neighbour and he had a few for a job and could spare me one :-)  Before that, as I was in bricklaying mode, I have a small plinth for the gate front of the house that got knocked down a while back. I still had the original bricks for this so they simply need cleaning up and re-laying. All good and finally placed the cement cap to finish off.

The door frame gap was a little more difficult and I really ought to have done this prior to fitting the door frame :-( anyhow with a bit effort a was able to get the 4 bricks set in place and the result is quite acceptable.