It had just occurred to me that I hadn't posted here for ages. Truth is that life has been rather hectic and although there hasn't been a great deal of progress with the studio I have completed a number of tasks. The main reason for the slow progress with the studio is that since the middle of last year my main project has been our two-storey extension to the house. Although I am not building this myself, I did do all the work in getting the project through planning with the local authorities. I even produced the planning drawings myself. I had an architect produce the constructional drawings to present to building control and for the builder though. So I have been, understandably, drawn away from the studio for some time. Having said that I have had time to finish of the silencers boxes in the rear corners and fill the areas with mineral wool (corner absorbers), start work on the front corner absorbers and finish the ring main wiring. And that is about where I am at the moment.

The extension itself is actually nearing completion with only the internal finishing touches to be done, which should be completed within the next 2-3 weeks. I have some landscaping work that I am currently working on; ripping up the old patio, dig out and construct a new decking area off the new french doors and re-lay the lawn.

Both projects are in fact part of the same master plan with the house it's just that they have sort of converged a bit and one has taken a back seat...slightly. But there you go I'm rambling on and I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing this anyway! I have been taking photos of the studio which I will post up at some time.
To be continued...