Another long pause between posts - another year passes.

I've been considering picking up some kind of MIDI controller device to integrate with Cubase. Having looked at various options over the years, including DAW mixer control boxes and full keyboard controllers from a number of manufacturers. I had in mind the Akai MPK261 for some time and liked the overall appearance of it though I wasn't entirely convinced by its integration with Cubase.  I had also been looking at the Presonus faderport with a single motorized fader which looked to work pretty well with Cubase but of course this only provided transport and a few other functions along with the automated fader movement.

I then got to thinking that wouldn't it be great if there was a keyboard controller with a single motorized fader and transport, reducing the footprint of separate  keyboard controller and transport. I did a search and the Nektar Panorama P4/P6 came up. This has exactly that and although I had seen them around I wasn't entirely convinced by the look of them so I didn't dig any deeper.

It immediately became clear that the P6 controller has some fairly detailed Cubase support. I have since spent some time reading feedback on the web via reviews and user experience with the P6. As always there's negative reports on some aspects of the device but on the whole it seems like a great choice with perhaps a little patience with the setup and adapting to the workflow. Andertons delivered one from stock today so we'll see how it goes over the weekend. I'll post a report.