This is probably the last large addition to the studio for some time but they have been on the list for a while. The Adam A7X active monitors are well renowned in this price bracket and size and I have demoed them in the past so I'm confident they will meet my needs for the foreseeable future.

However, it wasn't until I started looking around at retailers when it was obvious that something was amiss. Stock of all Adam stuff was rare in all retailers and I subsequently found out about the problems they'd had towards the end of last year (2014). I was shocked to hear that they had been placed into administration but relieved to hear that through reorganisation they were saved. Supplies started to roll again early in the year but stock was obviously still an issue.  Despite this I am assured that stock will be arriving at my chosen stockist shortly and I should see my A7Xs within a week - before Easter hopefully.

This does mean that my trusty Alesis Monitor 1s will finally be retired after many years of use. Although they have been great monitors, I'm looking forward to greater level of transparency and detail the Adams will bring to my mixes. Also, the M1s are passive so the Samson Servo 170 amp will no longer be required.

Note: Ok, monitors should be with me before Easter (31/0315) - so a bit of time to test before my holiday!