Not a great deal happened in the last few weeks except for some tidying of the outer door frame.  The frame itself had been well and truly secured into position but there were a multitude of gaps and holes between it and the brickwork. The plan was to fill any small gaps with filler and mortar for larger areas mostly at the lower edges of the wooden lintel either side of the frame. I also had about a 3mm gap between the top edge of the door frame and the lintel which needed to be blocked in. For this I found some angle iron in the garage which was just about the perfect fit. I had to use two lengths for the full width of the frame. I added a bit of filler to be sure there were no leaky points. These were hammered into place and finished the job quite nicely.

For the final finish framing around the door I picked up some 1 x 4" planks which were cut and nailed into position on the two sides and the top only. These required some routing to allow for the inaccuracies of the brickwork. Once in position these were painted.

The door originally had a large piece screwed into the lintel as a bit of a rain splash guard. I still had this and it was actually still very sound so I refitted this into place. Once it was given a couple of coats it looked pretty good.

Photo to follow...

I thought I ought to post this update as I have been away for a short while. Everything's coming along well it's just that I've had a couple of weeks off work and have not had the chance to update the blog so this is an update on what's happened during the last 2-3 weeks.

I have had a bit of time away so it's not been entirely spent studio building. For the most part I've been getting the studio up and running setting up and deciding the layout. It was my intention to build a desk but I might well re-think this plan as I came up with a great configuration using my existing x-frame keyboard stand where the upper keyboard stand has been placed in the lower position with a piece of covered chipboard placed on it creating a flat desk area for the displays to stand. This also provides enough space for my audio interface to sit dead centre.

The only other item I had to deal with was the position for my Samson amplifier. After a bit of thought I came up with the idea of positioning it under the keyboard on a piece of wood resting on the top of the keyboard stand x-frame. I used an off-cut length of window sill left from the house extension, cutting some angled notches which allow it to rest on the frame parallel to the floor. This works really well and conceals it nicely out of the way centrally allowing minimal cable connection lengths.  The piece of wood just needs a coat of black paint to finish it off.

I had decided to get everything set up and working now as most jobs now require a working studio. There are still other finishing off jobs to do but these are not hampered with the equipment in place.

Before going on I need to update on the Alesis Monitor Ones - as it turns out the monitors are, in fact, both working perfectly and it seems the problem lies with the Focusrite Saffire DSP pro audio interface. After a lot of messing around with cables I found out that it is channel 1 on the audio card which is at fault. I moved my main outputs from 1&2 to 3&4 and everything is working perfectly. I need now take this up with Focusrite - more soon.

I had temporarily mounted the monitors on my original speaker stands resting on top of some bricks to bring to the correct height, however, this was not the permanent solution. I set about making some MDF pedestals to bolt the speaker stands onto. I made a basic box attached to two larger pieces of MDF which was glued together and the sides glued and dowelled together. I drilled four holes in the top for screws and cut a larger hole to enable me to fill it with sand. I finally painted them black. All-in-all this works pretty well and I just need to get some sharp sand to fill the void.