I first planed and sanded the edges of the door assembly removing any rough areas making it good for sealing.  

It was then a matter of rebating to allow for the four hinges to be attached. Again the router was used here and once set up correctly 


As with door 1 I applied three coats of diluted PVA to seal the MDF. I little easier this time as drying time between coats was a lot less than before in the colder temperature. This meant I could easily get two coats on per day.

Having made a bit of an error (well fairly major actually ;-) ) with the first door when gluing, basically ending up with a fair curve along its length which I had to spend a lot of time correcting by jigging the whole thing and bending the other way :-( Needless to say I didn't want to make the same mistake again and chose a much better method when glueing - basically clamping the assembly rather than applying weight to it.

I used a couple of joist lengths which are very straight and clamped it all together against these to ensure a straight door. So once the panels were sanded and cleaned using white spirit I applied the PVA to the meeting surfaces and lined the edges up before clamping tight. I left this over night to dry.

Door 2 (outer) glued and jigged