I spent a bit of time trying to figure out any potential problem areas when the concrete is delivered.  Unfortunately the outbuilding is about 40 feet from the roadside so I'm going to have to wheelbarrow the 1.25m^3 into the room...arrrrgh!  Oh well,  the concrete guys reckon on about 25 barrow loads.  That's about 120kg per run - wow!  I set up the route with planks and various bits of timber and created a level track from the boundary to the room.  I loaded up the barrow with, I estimated, about 125kg and did a few test runs along my track which didn't seem to bad - though after 20 barrows I may not be quite so sure!!  The worst part of the run is where I have turn right into the room, which is quite tight along a narrow alley at the back of the house.

Today was spent constructing the timber for levelling: side rails and the tamper.  Firstly, I attached a length of 1x1" timber to the side walls to provide a platform to level off the concrete.  I borrowed a laser level to help to ensure that each side was in line. This made the job quite easy.  After that I made the tamper out of two 1x4" timbers sandwiched together and screwed.  I cut a slot across the ends that locate onto the rails such that the when resting on the top inside edge the bottom of the tamper hangs at the 100mm level for the floor - I'll try and get a photo to describe this better before the concrete goes in.

Next I used my hammer and bolster to break up the square section paving edges I bought from the builders merchant, see earlier.  These are 2" thick and will space my #142 mesh centrally within the slab.  The mesh will just rest on top.

I today finished off positioning the two layers of DPM, taping and tidying the corners.  I had to place some additional pieces around the doorway area as I had to cut the main sheets to fit the shape around the brick pillars each side of the door.  I overlapped and taped it all pretty thoroughly to ensure there are no breaks in the sheets.


I'm going to organise the ready mix concrete delivery for next Wednesday, the 8th of April.  So this weekend will be spent finishing the preparation for then...more soon.

I got hold of some used foam sheeting which is used for packing and decided to use this to sandwich between the concrete and the walls.  Although I doubt it will provide much isolation I thought well, it couldn't hurt and it gives soft corners under the DPM when the concrete is poured.  I cut this into 250mm wide strips and scored it along its length at 100mm and folded it.  This allowed it to easily be placed into the corners and when taped it stays in place pretty well.  


Today was spent cutting the two sheets of reinforcing mesh fabric to fit the floor.  I have to say that handling these mesh sheets is probably the most ANNOYING thing ever...if there is a potential object to hook onto, sure enough it hooks onto it, including other sheets of mesh!!! Oh well! using the angle grinder and a LOT of care,  I had to make a lot of cuts, cutting to size then removing ends and de-burring sharp edges.  You'll see in the photos the mesh sitting in place cut to size, though I had to remove them again to put the DPM in place.  I did it this way to reduce the possibility of damaging the DPM whilst manoeuvring the mesh sheets or should I say sh*ts!!  Next job was to effectively dam up the doorway ready for the concrete pour  ensuring the concrete stays in the room.  This also meant chopping off 100mm from the height of the existing door to allow the door to open.  Removed the door, cut a section from the top (the circular saw dealt with this like a breeze), realigned the door in the frame and re-screwed the hinges at the new position.