I completed the final coat of the LDPM on the walls last night and apart from touching in a few areas that's it for the bitumen paint.  I didn't take any more photos because, well,  one coat looks much the same as three, ie. black.  I'll need to clean up a few splodges on the floor, I did keep it pretty well covered whilst brushing on but there's always  the odd splat that gets through.  Just working this out, it's taken a little over six weeks to get to this stage.  Which isn't bad considering the limited time I have available.

I managed to get 3/4 of the third coat done last night so not much more to go now, should complete in an evening.  This is probably the last of the two real messy jobs.  The other being the concrete pour already complete.  The room is starting to take shape and the preparatory work I have done up to this point makes for a good clean starting point for the building stage.

Just completed 2 coats of the liquid DPM today.  I did the first coat yesterday which took ages.  Two reasons for this.  Firstly, I could see every single missed area and hole and thus I spent a longer time on each section and secondly the brush I used had too finer bristles and was a bit chunky (depth of brush).  For the second coat I used a wallpaper paste brush which had much coarser bristles and was a bit wider.  The bristle depth was also a lot less.  The LDPM just went on so much easier with this brush without clogging up the bristles and it cleaned up so much better.  Anyway, you live and learn but the it does mean I'll easily complete the third and final coat in a couple of evenings this week.  


I thought I would just post this update.  Having had a restful Easter weekend without doing any work in the studio, I am now ready to get on with the next job...damp proof sealing the walls.  I'll try and get some of this done during the evenings the rest of this week and more at the weekend.  Though this will probably go into next week because it requires 3 coats and 18 hours between coats.  Anyway, more soon.

OK concrete floor done...pretty hard work but very satisfying to see the completed floor.  I had a bit of help from my Dad and my Father-in-law, although I did all of the barrowing it was good to have some support around.  In terms of number of barrows - I have no idea as counting was the last thing on my mind but we did get the entire load out in just over 20 minutes.  My tamping method worked out really well and achieved  a good level floor.  I didn't go for a smooth finish as this is going to be well covered at the end.