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Having been spending a fair bit of time recording when I've had the chance I finally got around to making the acoustic treatment panels to attach to the walls. I had read many other ideas on the net of ways to construct them but I wanted to take it back to basics. Most people tend to make a frame for the mineral wool to sit inside before it is covered in fabric. My thinking was that the 120 x 60 x 10cm panels are pretty rigid anyway so what about simply wrapping them in the fabric. This is fine but the problem comes when you want to keep the fabric in place. I came up with the idea of simply placing some very thin timber inside the centre where I need to make a joint at the seam and the same at two ends where the ends need to be closed off. I have a pile of 4-5mm thick cladding material that seemed to fit the bill quite well so went about cutting the lengths to suit. When it came to wrapping the slabs it was important to cut them fairly accurately to ensure that the ends and corners were tidy. With a fair bit of patients and thought they actually turned out rather well. Next problem was to deal with the attaching to the walls.

I wanted a fairly simple solution with minimal amount of wall drilling and I finally decided on attaching a batten to each side wall much like a picture rail and the slabs could then simply be hooked in place. The added advantage here is that it allows for a degree of adjustment ion position. Doing this also means that the screws can be positioned exactly where the vertical wall studs are so no unsightly big holes and wall plugs are required and if I decide to change things later I can remove them easily with only very small holes requiring filling.

I bought a number of steel angle brackets and plates which attached to the slabs to create the hook. You'll see this better from the photos to be added later...